Faith’s Form

The Timelessness of Being

image I pray, I sing, I cry,
before the one who chooses not to hear.

Coins clinking, conch shells screaming!

I offer jasmine and roses,
to the one who chooses not to smell.

Fragrance wafting, incense burning!

I perform rituals, one too many,
for the one who chooses not to see.

Prayers piling, eyes weeping!

I bring sweets made in honour,
of the one who chooses not to taste.

Ants crawling, mouths watering!

I chase an image in my dreams,
of the one who chooses not to yield.

Still hoping, forever pining!

Mumbai Mirror  published this photograph on September 1, 2013 (India on Instagram). The shot was hurriedly taken near Dadar station’s booking counter, trying to make it in time for a train to Neral station.

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4 thoughts on “Faith’s Form

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  1. Such a powerful photograph, Sunayaya. The light (of hope?) falling into the otherwise dark room, swirls of smoke (her dreams?) drifting into oblivion..To translate the irony and pain in those words into a photograph would be a daunting task for any artist. You’ve done it beautifully. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you Uday. I wrote those words much after taking the photograph. With me being slightly agnostic, I couldn’t conjure up words in any other way.

  2. And you have done complete justice to the photograph, Sunayana. I, being an atheist, could not but look at the irony in that photograph and how beautifully it is presented in your words. The very irony and contradiction that exists in the belief in the supernatural. “Prayers piling, eyes weeping! Still hoping, forever pining!”. Reminds me of that lesser-known quote by Marx- “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering.”

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